The group service


Christel, your group referent

"Passionate about history and eager to satisfy your wishes, I have created a few tours just for you! I will accompany you in your project in order to satisfy all your desires and to make it look like you.
An estimate and a reservation request will be sent to you as soon as your arrival is confirmed, as well as a travel book including your useful documents and vouchers to facilitate your organization."

You can contact me at 03 44 59 03 97 or 06 49 33 87 55 or at the following email address: groupes@valois-tourisme.com 

Aquilon's Team

The Aquilon Découverte's team

Aquilon is a young company of researchers who wish to valorize the heritage. Great names, scientific words, obscure dates will seem as simple as a nursery rhyme to you thanks to these guides historians and archaeologists with a modern discourse and a wealth of knowledge.

"History can't be learned, it can be understood" and thanks to Nicolas, Lionel, Régis, Morgan, Marie and Maxime, it will no longer hold any secrets for you!



Inheriting multiple experiences, cultivating the virus of sharing and knowledge, Nicolas assembles both to propose an original - some would say disconcerting - discourse on the heritage and the territory of the Oise and more particularly the Valois. When hiking, at the foot of a monument or in the old streets of a secular village, Nicolas combines the latest advances in specialized research with overall reflections and makes a bet that you will appreciate history even if you don't like dates!



Régis is both a history and geography teacher in college and a guide for the Tourist Office. As much to say that he is used to adapting his speech but also to changing themes or approaches to explain a complex element. Régis most often presents the sites by inscribing them in the long history, from their origins to the 20th century. His specialty? The two World Wars, both from a military point of view as well as the life of civilians behind the front lines.