The menus

Beef carbonnade à la flamande

Menu n°1 - Crépy-en-Valois

Aperitif : Kir white wine (Sauvignon Pays d'OC AOC)

Choice of starters : Duo of the chef's terrines and raw vegetables / Gourmet 4-cheese puff pastry / Picardy salad (endives, chicory, potatoes, beef snout, gherkins, gribiche sauce)

Choice of dish : Warm Valois ham, Madeira sauce and its gratin dauphinois / Piece of beef accompanied by its potatoes balls and green beans / Beef carbonnade à la flamande and its steamed apples

Cheese : Brie de Meaux and its bed of salad

Choice of dessert : Normandy apple tart with vanilla ice cream / Black forest cherry / Strawberry vanilla ice cream Vacherin on red fruit coulis

1/4 of wine, coffee

Tapas in a restaurant in Crépy-en-Valois

Menu n°2 - Crépy-en-Valois

Choice of aperitif : Local beer 25 cl / Local apple juice 25 cl / Glass of wine 12 cl

Dish : 2 salted tapas and 1 side dish according to the season

Choice of dessert : Tatin-style Verrine / Strawberry Crème brûlée (depending on the season)

1/4 of wine, coffee

Chicken with mushrooms in a restaurant in Crépy-en-Valois

Menu n°3 - Crépy-en-Valois

Choice of aperitif accompanied by an appetizer : Glass of champagne / Glass of whisky / Non-alcoholic drink

Discovery board with 5 savory tapas according to the season : Maroilles fondue / Chicken with mushrooms / Cauliflower and pumpkin curry / Cheese brick / Meatballs with paprika

Dessert : Gourmet coffee or tea

1/4 of wine

Pumpkin cream soup in a restaurant in Crépy-en-Valois

Menu n°4 - Crépy-en-Valois

Choice of starter : Crunchy Brie de Meaux flavoured with hazelnut oil / Pumpkin cream soup and garlic croutons

Choice of dish : Farmhouse chicken supreme, mashed potatoes with chervil, veal juice with balsamic / Pavé de lieu jaune, parsnips with garlic cream, red bell pepper coulis

Choice of dessert : Chocolate half-baked, pistachio ice cream / Pear Tiramisu, chocolate ice cream

1/4 of wine, coffee

Blanquette of veal in a restaurant in Nanteuil-le-Haudouin

Menu n°5 - Nanteuil-le-Haudouin

Aperitif : Kir

Choice of starter : Hard-boiled egg with mayonnaise / Country terrine

Choice of dish : Chicken skewer, French fries / Veal blanquette, rice

Cheese and salad

Choice of dessert : French toast from the chef / Chocolate mousse

1/4 of wine