The Bicyclette Champêtre

5 B'Twin bikes are waiting for you for excursions from 1 hour to a weekend. Don't forget to book!

The Bicyclette Champêtre Flyer

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Notes :

*Bikes are only suitable for adults. We do not have a child's bike, child trailer, child bike tow bar or baby seat.

*Bikes booked can be returned to the rental agency within one hour of your estimated arrival time (according to your booking email).

*In case of delay, please inform the Tourist Office on 03 44 54 01 58 to ensure your rental will be available.

*In order to allow several people to rent the bikes, please indicate the actual number of bikes you will need and inform us in case of modification. And in the same vein, please estimate your rental time as accurately as possible.

Ideas for bike rides : 

Caution for the Writers' Trail, following the closure of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Park, it is necessary to buy the code at Abbey of Chaalis (3€). More information: 03 44 54 04 02.