The Pays de Valois for lovers !

Just a few steps away from Paris, let yourself be charmed by a territory mixing nature, architecture, history, awakening the taste buds and where many surprises await for you !

You wish to live all these adventures and moments of relaxation in a romantic atmosphere ?

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The stars of our territory in order of appearance on the screen :

  • The towpath of the Ourcq Canal

Ideal to escape the daily routine, to find ourselves in the quiet (and cool!), to live along the water and its small inhabitants (ducks, geese, coypu...) and sometimes to fall on a bush of delicious blackberries. 
icone_pointeur_map  The adventure to live : the Ourcq by canoe

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau Park

The English-style layout makes it pleasant to get lost in the paths from which a rabbit, a buzzard or a "factory" sometimes emerges, a testimony to the philosophical past of the place.

  • Vez Donjon

Architecture, history, famous people, landscaped gardens and exhibitions, everything is there for a journey through times and styles.
icone_coeur  Not to be missed : the extraordinary view from the chapel

  • The Lieu-Restauré Abbey and the Refuge MadJacques

Vestiges, old rose window, collaborative projects, all in an exceptional green setting : the Autumn Valley.
icone_etoile  The secret : the well-hidden ponds not far from there 

  • Luc's moped

Between his passion for the mechanics of these vintage machines and his passion for the search for small quiet paths, your guide is inexhaustible.
icone_coeur  The plus : the return to adolescence just by putting on the helmet

  • Forests

With a dozen wood forests, the Pays de Valois is adorned with a thousand colors in all seasons.
icone_pointeur_map  The adventure to live : The Bois du Roy

  • The Mer de Sable

More than 60 years to its credits and constantly renewed, this amusement park welcomes young and old alike for an adventure in the heart of the West.
icone_pointeur_map  The adventure to live : Family at the Mer de Sable

  • Brewery Félicité

When 2 brothers start brewing, the result is a soft and subtle beer to be enjoyed around a good table.
icone_pointeur_map  The report : Come and have a drink at the brewery

  • The Maison M tea house

Feeling at home, enjoying a good tea in a sofa with the smile of Mathilde and her team, what better for a short break ?
icone_etoile  The good idea : remember to ask for the seasonal tea

  • The Escape Forest

Conviviality, challenges, fun, 100% nature : that sums up this highly challenging expedition.
icone_info  To go further : extend your stay in a hut with jacuzzi and relax.