Historical heritage

From East to West, from North to South,
everywhere you have that very same vision : limestone…
the architectural wealth which comes from Valois ground.

It is the essential treasure in the construction of villages
but also churches, abbeys and the numerous farms
which are erected at the bend of paths.
Those monuments have been existing throughout centuries
and are still present to be evidence of History.

At the heart of villages and hamlets along the Automne River,
bell-towers have been outlined year after year.
The major part is classified or registered at Monuments Historiques repertoire.

La ligne Chauvineau

La ligne Chauvineau

Threatened by the German offensive in 1939, the French General Staff decided to build a defensive line, named after the general who designed this last French permanent fortification.

Icone Euro  Free access / guided tours 10€ (From June to September, depending on the calendar)

 Accessible the whole year round

 +33 (0)3 44 59 03 97 / 

 De Betz à Lévignen

Abbaye de Lieu-Restauré

Abbaye Royale Notre-Dame de Lieu-Restauré

Among impressive remains, the abbey frontage still offers a beautiful rose dating from the 16th century.

Tarif  Free participation / Guided visit 5€

Calendrier  Sundays from April to October from 11am to 6pm, every day in July and August and by appointment all year long

Téléphone  +33 (0)6 10 05 10 48

Site web 

Facebook  Abbaye Notre-Dame de Lieu-Restauré

Localisation  D32 between Vez and Le Berval < Bonneuil-en-Valois

Abbaye Saint-Arnoul

Abbaye Saint-Arnoul

It was founded in the eleventh century by Gautier Le Blanc, it contains a remarkable collection of wedding souvenirs and the Art and Popular Tradition museum.

Calendrier  Closed for restoration

Téléphone   +33 (0)3 44 59 09 74 

Localisation  Place Saint-Simon < Crépy-en-Valois

Le Musée de l'archerie et du Valois

Musée de l'archerie et du Valois

Established in the old medieval dwelling belonging to the Crepy-Nanteuil lords, the museum contains Middle Age statues from churches and chapels of Valois. Unique in France, it is an evidence of the world archery, from prehistory to current time.

Tarif  5€ capita / Reduced prices

Calendrier  From the last weekend of March to the 11th of November from 2pm to 6pm. Closed on Tuesdays and on the 1st of May

Téléphone  +33 (0)3 44 59 21 97 

Site web

Facebook  Musée de l'archerie et du Valois

Localisation  Rue Gustave Chopinet < Crépy-en-Valois

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Ville médiévale

Ville médiévale de Crépy-en-Valois

The historical city of Crepy deserves a stroll along old lanes lined with private hotels and sculpted frontages. The visit tour is available at the tourist office. 

 Free visit or guided tours 10€ (from June to September depending on the calendar)

 Accessible all year long

 +33 (0)3 44 59 03 97

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Carrière du Chemin de Vez

Carrière du Chemin de Vez

In Emeville, the rebuilding of the Puits à Daubin winch, which was driven by three horses (unique in France) is the work of “Roches et Carrières” association. The volunteers renovate this heritage and its quarry save in memory of stone workers in Vallée de l’Automne.

Tarif  Free participation

Calendrier  From April 1st to October 15 (booking necessary)

 Individual insurance, torch and warm clothes advised

Téléphone  +33 (0)3 44 88 82 80 

Site web

Facebook  Carrière du Puits à Daubin, Chemin de Vez

Localisation  Éméville

Intérieur de la carrière

Carrière Sarazin

Take a guided journey 20 metres underground and 95 years back in time to explore this old stone quarry, the only site where working equipment has remained since 1920. The tour is also a trip some ten million years back into our geological past. You’ll be shown how the stone was removed from the living rock.

Calendrier  Visits only by appointment

Téléphone  +33 (0)6 85 66 25 32

Site web

Localisation  Éméville

Fondation Poclain

Fondation Poclain

As a duty of remembrance, the Foundation makes every effort to support brand enthusiasts by providing the information they require. In 2019, they look forward to seeing you from 1 to 5 May to commemorate the founding of the company that spanned the world as a leader in hydraulic excavators.

Tarif  Free entrance 

Calendrier  Thursday mornings from 10am to 1pm or by appointment

Téléphone  +33 (0)6 19 92 20 62 // +33 (0)6 80 37 69 47

Site web

Facebook  Fondation Poclain

Localisation  14 rue du Vert Buisson < Le Plessis-Belleville

Ruines gallo-romaines de Champlieu

Ruines gallo-romaines de Champlieu

allo-Roman ruins are made of a 22m long temple, of thermae and a theater containing more than 3 000 places. The relics of the old church of the hamlet (dating from the 11th - 13th century) are erected not far from there.

Tarif  Free visit

Calendrier  Accessible all year long

Téléphone  +33 (0)3 44 59 03 97

Site web

Localisation  Hameau de Champlieu < Orrouy

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Donjon de Vez

The garden, measuring 1 hectare created by Pascal Cribier, a modern landscape gardener, underlines the medieval characteristic of the castle. In its organisation, it goes back over to the main elements of the period: an enclosed garden with iris seedling and aromatic herbs. Yearly exhibition of modern scuptures. Remarkable garden.

Tarif  9€ free tour / 10€ guided tour / Free for children under the age of 15

Calendrier  Free tour (Castle grounds + Chapel + Bourdelle court + Ramparts + exhibitions) : May to September 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Guided tour (Inside the Donjon + Castle grounds + Chapel + Bourdelle court + Ramparts + exhibitions) : May to September 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday at 3 p.m.

Téléphone  +33 (0)9 71 40 54 24

Site web 

Localisation  3 côte de Vez < Vez

Église de Montagny-Sainte-Félicité

Les églises

The numerous churches catch everybody’s attention because of the charm of the site, their towers, their choirs and their stained glass windows. They are open and animated for the "35 Clochers en Vallée de l’Automne" festival, on the first week end of October.

Most of these churches are closed to the public to prevent damage. They are however visitable on request of the keys.

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Les lavoirs

Once an important theatre of conversation, washhouses were the heart of the villages. They are again emerging thanks to an effort by the municipalities and passionate volunteers. What a great opportunity for you to dive into the past of the Lavandières (washerwomen).

Accessible the whole year round.

In the spring the association "Printemps des lavoirs" offers animations around the washhouses restored or being restored.